We invite you to Lansdowne Farm 

A working pastoral farm astride a stunning setting located South of Kaikoura on the Conway Coast of New Zealand.

  Rural grace, beach running to mountains, crisp modern architecture - Lansdowne Farm has been purpose built for small groups -  Family reunions, travelling friends, retreats meetings and celebrations.

Lansdowne lodge is unique, private, fully self-contained and exclusive, but without pretense.  Whether you require one double bedroom or all six double bedrooms, it is yours to enjoy exclusively.

1500 acres of rolling natural landscape where sand meets sea – for your pleasure.  Detached from the noise of ordinary life.

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Mountains meet the sea, dolphin pods pass, native forest valleys divide rolling green pastures.  The locals are knowledgeable, receptive, gracious and grateful for this place.

We know this corridor along the ocean and our farm. We enjoy sharing it.  Just 45 minutes south of Kaikoura and two hours north of Christchurch, at the end of 12 km of gravel road running along the Pacific Ocean. This is about Lansdowne Farm as the Seaside Sanctum - and how to find this place.




Generosity of space, appointments, architecture, time. Elsewhere, luxury is defined by the cultural context of wealth and brand. But not here.

Lansdowne Lodge hosts just one group of guests with six double bedrooms. Lansdowne is spacious, aloof, generous, exhilarating and unique. The magnificent Common House – indeed all of the Lodge and its accommodation - is anything but common.



More than expectations, we aim to provide whatever experiences and settings that our Guests may wish. In all situations, Lansdowne Farm is the essence of civility outdoors and in. Beach, horses, bonfires and bicycles, petanque, farm walks, movies on a big screen, a library and a good reading light. Very isolated on the map and only as connected to the outside world as you want to be.



Food…. indeed all of life…. is shared.  Big deals, marriage proposals, family reunions – a shared meal is the common  denominator.  Solidarity comes from planning and sourcing, preparing and inventing, serving and enjoying.

At Lansdowne Farm, our business is rearing contented cattle and lambs.  For our guests and ourselves, fresh free-range eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables from the garden.  We will share our bounty with you. You can share it with yours.

Pastoral Farming

A bit of history.... surveyed after WWII, Lansdowne was farmed by returning NZ soldier, Charles C. Upham, VC + Bar.  After astonishing acts of bravery, this humble farmer Charles Upham divided paddocks, cleared brush, built tracks and made Lansdowne famous . . . . mostly by being himself.
Aspiring to Charles' standards we raise contented sheep and cattle.  Nutritious pastures are the key, gently managing our sheep and cattle on this beautiful land on the Pacific Ocean.
Contact us to discuss a supply of Lansdowne beef and lamb to your place. We can share the goodness - and the story - with our own customers.



Travel to Lansdowne Farm is beautiful in any season, in any weather.  Sweeping skies above mountains, rolling pastures with their trim hedgerows, bridges over freestone rivers, rustic stock yards and sheds.  Along the Pacific the weather is gentle (well, mostly). We even have citrus and figs, and our pastures grow through winter.
Best month for a stay at Lansdowne Farm? Anytime!  You would expect that.  But truly, whether you choose our dry summer, our lingering autumns, exuberant springs, or mid-winter - looking from cosy fireplaces within, every day of every season on this edge of the South Pacific is memorable.





Where is Lansdowne Farm?