Food…. indeed all of life…. is shared. Big deals, marriage proposals,

family reunions – a shared meal is the common denominator.

Kitchen + the Common Room

No walls, no limits. This is where the group gathers - the “common” space, nourishing soul as well as body. Move the furnishings to shape dining and living spaces, fireside chats or business meetings, ceremonies and celebrations.


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CommonHouse (130)
Lansdowne Farm - Cattle on Pacific edge
Cattle in the paddock

Lansdowne Meat

Our farm is “boutique” - in scale, in animal husbandry, in our care and connections to the animals. For our guests we keep as varied selection of lamb and beef which can be supplied at modest prices. Almost always we have Lansdowne wild pork and venison available. Taste Lansdowne Farm. Tell us what you'd like and we'll endeavour to spoil you with our quality.


Pacific Bounty

Maori people have harvested kai (food), including koura (cray or rock lobster) for several hundred years here. Today the fishing fleet out of Kaikoura is still dominated by modern Maori fishers. We encourage you to enjoy the Pacific bounty: fish, paua (abalone), mussels, kina (urchin roe) and koura - some of which is caught right in front of Lansdowne Farm.


Image of coast
Chef with flames

Chefs + caterers

Often when we host a group they divide up the meal plan and provisioning, the fun of cuisine (and the clean up!). However, we can happily arrange a chef, staff and/or a caterer. From just picnic lunches to candle-lit tables, we will be pleased to engage on your behalf. The MENU PLANNER and SHOPPING LIST attached below has current options and costs.


Food + drink

Food brings people together. For catch-ups and reunions, for celebrations and congratulations, for creating visions and strategic plans. Lansdowne Farm is 40 minutes from a supermarket: bringing a group together necessitates some forward planning. For meals that are self-catered (chef or caterer is NOT supplying the food), we have provided a MENU PLANNER and SHOPPING LIST. Download and print these to assist you plan your menu and food requirements. For seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruit from the farm there is no charge. We are happy to do so, but we do charge for filling a shopping list for you.


Thanks Giving