Food…. indeed all of life…. is shared. Big deals, marriage proposals, family reunions –
a shared meal is the common denominator.
Here's all the information you need for your stay at Lansdowne Farm to ensure you are fed and watered to perfection.


Food + drink

Isolation from the outside world is what makes this place so unique. But this also requires some forward planning for self-catering. Since the nearest supermarket to Lansdowne Farm is an hours drive away, we advise all our guests to do a shop before they arrive. We stock our pantry with basic items and there's a selection of fruit and vegetables available (depending on what's in season), as well as eggs from our chickens. If you'd like to know more about what to bring, download our handy MENU PLANNER and SHOPPING LIST. However, if self-catering isn't for you, from picnic lunches to candle-lit tables, then we can arrange a chef or a caterer on your behalf. Contact us to find out how.


Kitchen + the Common Room

No walls, no limits. The big Common House is anything but common - move the furnishings to shape dining and living spaces, fireside chats or business meetings, ceremonies and celebrations. Glass doors fold back to sheltered decks, linking to bathrooms,six double bedrooms and the grounds. Suitably arranged, the Common House can comfortably seat up to 70 people for dinner and then dancing. Kitchen facilities are chef friendly. Featuring a stainless cooking and prep scullery and an open kitchen - 2 ovens, 2 fridges, 2 dishwashers and a full complement of quality pots and pans, table settings, platters and bowls.


Lansdowne Meat

Raised in rolling meadows along the icy South Pacific Ocean, Lansdowne Beef® comes from small family Angus-cross herds, grass-fed naturally, sustainably and ethically. Its likely that a selection of lamb and beef and venison can be supplied at modest prices. You can get a delicious taste of Lansdowne Farm. Tell us what you'd like and we'll endeavour to spoil you with our quality. For more information on our happy cattle, visit


Pacific Bounty

Māori people have harvested kai (food), including koura (cray or rock lobster) for several hundred years here. We encourage you to enjoy the Pacific bounty: fish, paua (abalone), mussels, kina (urchin roe) and koura - some of which is caught right in front of Lansdowne Farm.



Chefs + caterers

A chef and/or a caterer can be arranged or recommended if you wish. From just picnic lunches to candle-lit tables, there are local caterers and chefs that will be pleased to accommodate. If you plan on self-catering, then the MENU PLANNER and SHOPPING LIST attached below has current options and costs.