This is about Lansdowne Farm as the seaside sanctum - and how to find this place.


A place for family and friends is what we built in 2011. Several years later we want to share Lansdowne with one guest group at a time.



Means that you are producing more than you are consuming. Water and most of our heat is by solar and wood.

Waste is recycled or disposed without harm. Lansdowne Farm produces much more than it consumes.


Charles H. Upham, VC + Bar

From its foundation in 1947 until 1984 Lansdowne was the home farm of New Zealand's most decorated soldier. It is an honour to be farming “Charlie's” place, a privilege to share the story of his remarkable life.


Pacific pastures

We raise healthy, stress-free - and maybe even happy - cattle and sheep. That's our principle business. Click to go to our PASTORAL FARMING page.





  • Car: From Christchurch - 2 hours 15min    Car: From Picton - 3 hours
  • Train: Rail Trans Scenic to Kaikoura and we will meet you there
  • Bus to Cheviot or Kaikoura and we will meet you there
  • Helicopter from Christchurch, Wellington or Kaikoura